"Star Keys"

Mark K. Mitchell

Star Keys: composed 2007 to 2017

(2020; 7 of 10 novels ready for big-screen/epic movies; will have to work on novels 8 to 10 in years to come)

“Star Keys”; The Last Jedi is not the last Jedi. Warner/Media, CBS, NBC, Fox/Disney, "Star Keys" & more, Mystery's writes books to go to movies for big bucks.  Environmental, earth-science (climate change), planetary-space-theme, Star Keys has ground & space action, space ships, space guns, love, drama, comedy, battles, fun, mystery, and sports. "Master--(Game-e-yon) & the Order of the Octagon awaits u."   epic block-buster series, 7 novels, (7 movies, prequel possible, and more) 320 to 450 pp, ea.; exciting space mystery & adventure.  “Star Keys” has its own set of unique Jedi’s (Themas, pronounced Thaymas or Taymas, the Brotherhood, the Order) with protagonist Theman Zahl (the man, pronounced Thaymahn), son Tee, Lord Ze (Zehmuel) Zahl, antagonist, brother; beget of Zyron & Zethra of Xanthos.   Aliens, exotic worlds, 5 levels of romance, thematic big screen music, comedy, tragedy, war, (real & animation blend), for ages 10 to 100; blended basketball, football, auto racing (hover-cars), golf, martial arts, wrestling, swimming, strong science (A to Z) fiction; movie series; (Mystery’s LLC delivers; thank u)


Star Keys (Blockbuster, cinematic, science fiction, 7 novel series)

Rubber Band Man

Mystery & Pirating Perils



Mystery’s (to fun adventures on all continents; ages 4 to 100, we aim to please)

Pirates Alley (Faulkner Society, Words and Music, New Orleans): creative writing recognition:

  • Ice Age Mystery (short list; 2012; novel classification)

  • San Francisco Gold (semi-finalist; 2013; novel classification)

  • (2014 did not submit)

  • Rubber Band Man (semi-finalist; novel 2015; novel classification)

  • Chocolate Kid (semi-finalist;2016; novel classification)

  • Mystery & Pirating Perils (semi-finalist;2017; novel classification)

  • Land of Mystical Scents (semi-finalist; 2018; novel classification)

  • Mayan Miracles (semifinalist 2019; novel classification)

  • 2020 Annual Faulkner competition temporarily disbanded.  Change of ownership/directors & COVID impact

Fantastic Mysteries of the Clubhouse Crew

SC Certified (CERRA): 14 yr. teacher/science.  Was SC certified through 06/2015, full certificate, via SC Columbia state office of education when Mr. Mitchell chose to pursue writing full time

Faulkner Society


Mystery's LLC: registered, licensed to do business by Secretary of State Georgia Corporations Division

North Carolina Writers Network (current) & (former) South Carolina Writers Association member (my annual dues expired 8/9/2018 & I might re-up later, thank you)




Open Your Mystery

Mystery’s LLC is a manufacturer of high-quality entertainment products: books & music

·         Mystery’s travels the world: (all continents, all races)

·         Mainstream fiction, often with historical fiction

·         Mystery Moves the Mind: Open Your Mystery

·         88 Novels, novellas, and easy-readers (includes 2 books of songs; 1 book of poems)

·         (entertainment, education, environment, golf, sports, music)


***To view: Iconic characters under (Mystery’s LLC) Clubhouse Crew copyright. (At top right heading bar of this page find the word: More. Click on More.  You will see a yellow background box appear with iconic characters, Page 18.  Click Page 18 iconic characters for clear view.  Thank you)

Examples of text from books



Taddy lifted one paw.  “Friends, we captured two toads, weeks, past.  That was after we found Jam nearly dead and learned Tinny had been buried alive.  That made me angry.  I ordered traps set in the marsh at the end of Night Nook Bridge joining Toad Pass.  It was dangerous work.”    



“The ring?” he asks.  “I am nibby, prying, and consumed with a memory, wise ones.  The ring, the ring, a conundrum, I…I…”


     “Yes.”  Theman nods.  “It is my birth-stone, minister,” he says, “and given to me by my father, Zryon, and my mother, Zethra.”  Thema One looks intently at Guyunne.  “What have you remembered little man?”



“There he goes, 86, H. Bumplebutt!  Snagging the ball, he’s bouncing Bandits off his chest like Bingo chips bumped and emptied from a card!  Ten, five, and touchdown!” Mr. Radish broadcasts.



     “Okay, I’m ready,” says Chip.  “By sea-worts experience, I’ve learned.  Playing from gold or blue tees can provide an exceptional stormy-seas challenge.”


     “Right.  So, let the white-caps roll and we’ll run the grounds and swing like tough-minded Aggies, Razorbacks, or the howling Wolfpack,” Lippy lets loose, words.


     “Right-o matey, and so, what’s the game, buckos?” asks Plug.  “You might have to empty your piggy bank today.  So be careful.”  Peering to Slice and Lippy, he pivots while watching Chip prepare to tee it up.  “My partner has his putting stroke down to buccaneer art-form.”


Contact: For business structure partnership or acquisition inquiries, rights to many of Mystery's LLC properties contact (mail) Mark Mitchell (Mystery's LLC): General Delivery Greenville, SC, 29602. (The Clubhouse Crew Properties); mkmitchell100@gmail.com; Mystery's LLC; 912-335-9399

Or, Douglas R. Wright, Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath attorneys, Denver, Co (full service firm; worldwide offices); Faegredrinker.com (douglas.wright@faegredrinker.com)

1144 15th Street, Suite 3400

Denver, Colorado 80202




For business structure partnership or acquisition inquiries contact Mark Mitchell: 912-335-9399;  Greenville, SC,. mkmitchell100@gmail.com; Mystery's LLC

Or, Douglas R. Wright, Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath attorneys, Denver, Co (full service firm; worldwide offices); Faegredrinker.com (douglas.wright@faegredrinker.com)

1144 15th Street, Suite 3400

Denver, Colorado 80202


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