Books Key

(Novels and Novellas)

• Dangerdudes (Western fun) (300 pp)
• A Clubhouse Crew (Boo!) Halloween (80 pp)
• Mystery & Mutiny: Pirating Perils (250 pp)
• Ice Age Mystery (Stanley: fire & ice) (280 pp)
• Ice Age Mystery (8 Stone Robbers) (280 pp)

• Ice Age Mystery (Blizzards: Vanishing Ice (Adventures of Stanley (Ice Cup) Husky) (90 pp)
• Screepy’s (14 chapter books, Beauty & the Beast-like, Ghostbusters-like, Scooby-Doo-like, Harry Potter-like, European, ghost-hunting, castle-exploring series; 920 pp; novellas.)
• Rubber Band Man (90 pp)
• Treasure in the Trees (80 pp)
• Big Lips Bandit (80 pp)
• Olympian (100 pp)
• Chocolate Kid (350 pp)
• The Bumplebutts (High School Football near the Golf Course) (110 pp)
• High Above the Rim (125 pp)
• In the Beginning: Flox Mana (Book 1 of “Star Keys” the Nine Knights 9 Keys sci fi series) (340 pp)
• Dark Ancients: The Battle Begins (Book 2 of “Star Keys” the Nine Knights sci fi series)  (310 pp)

• 9 Keys 9 Knights (Book 3 of “Star Keys” the Nine Knights 9 Keys series)) (390 pp)
• Word and the Way (Book 4 of “Star Keys” the Nine Knights 9 Keys sci fi series) (330 pp)
• Star-scape Mystery: Ghint’e Revenge (Book 5 of “Star Keys” the Nine Knights 9 Keys sci fi series) (390 pp)
• Mark of the Knights (the Star Chart) (Book 6 of “Star Keys” the 9 Knights 9 Keys series) (425 pp)

  • “Beyond the Stars” (Book 7 of “Star Keys” the 9 Knights 9 Keys science fiction series; begun, 100 pages & building to 450 pp. but have put "on hold" for now; outline for the full book done)·        

  • "Star Children" (Book 8 of "Star Keys" to be composed at a future date)

• Pets & Vets: (Doug and Stinky Meet Dr. Dipplestein) (90 pp)
• Cactus Jack & Snake-eye Black: “San Francisco Gold” (100 pp)
• Land of Mystical Scents (90 pp)
• Codices Keys (Pirates, historical fiction through Egypt, China, North Africa, the Caribbean, Europe) (415 pp)
• Touchdown Testy: Tear it Up Touchdown (225 pp)

  • Mayan Miracles (465pp.) (Yucatan Rainforest)

  • Plant a Mustard Seed, completed.  (1/18) 255 pp.) (Barbecue and baseball.  With a smidgeon of golf, loaded for the hunt, this is a home spun story that will make you laugh and cry.  Hogs and gators.  Excellent historical fiction, set in the 50's and 60's, barbecue and baseball stretch from New Orleans to North Carolina (even with a beginning entry to college football stadiums) as Gilly and Henri Hunter Dumas (with granny and pops) warm your hearts. (needs to be typed & illustrated)

  • “Ring of Treasure," 6/7/18; a novel, 537 of 537  composition notebook pp. (Complete.  Needs to be lightly edited, proofed, & entered in  Word.doc form.  Translates to a novel of 400 pp.  Excellent movie/film potential for Golf Channel, also for mainstream public movie viewing/theatre). While at college, as a beginning freshman, on a football scholarship, from his home in Savannah, Ga., a member of prestigious Savannah Country Club (oldest club in the U.S.), his parents murdered, involved in coastal studies & geo-sciences, an heir of Captain Kidd, Eric & his girlfriend attend class, find love, uncover secrets, evade danger, piece together parts of a pirate adventure (1700) stretching from the Caribbean to Charleston, SC, to Money Island, NC.  Colonial history reenacted.  Colonial SC governor Robert Quary (1700), entwined with pirates & William Kidd.  Maps, mystery, a ring, love, and college football on the line.  (Data gathered)  "Ring of Treasure"

One before two

Two before three

Eye of eft

Crossbones, they looks ta ye


Four ‘tis more

Eye crossbones and see

Trail, bloody passage

Dig deep, set free


Ten hands deep

Where diggers weep

Five, coffins old

Bones, where seeps


Saltwater lore

‘Tis treasure galore

Buried aside

Me matey, I store



Captain William Kidd

Hendrick Vander Heul (quartermaster)

  • New novel (8/25/2018): “Lochbauk Riddles” (completed 461 pp. full-length novel; 1/23/19)  At Cambridge University James (Horatio Fogwaut Bond) Nye, fellow students & professors regenerate preexisting animals.  James tinkers with DNA nucleotides while investigating 4 perplexing riddles.  Royal Dutch Shell oil & gas interest.  The Old Links Club at Lochbauk.  Science, basketball, the club, soccer, London to the Wash, England; Felds Jounger, golf course architect on the university board along with misguided brothers, Ile & Paul Wickham, their mother, heir to a fortune in Norfolk County, England.  “Bury the bodies, here?” questioned Ile Wickham.  “We’ll do it quickly.”  Paul Wickham’s right eye twitched as he watched for foggy trouble.  “Pleistocene regeneration?” asked Alphie Goo?  “Yes,” said Dr. Huxley.  “What can’t we build?” followed Starkley Nye.  “We’ll not know until we test,” answered Dr. Faradon.  “Ice age mammals were, real.  Bring them back, why not?”  Children marvel at new, creations.  Students cheer at athletic contests.  However, late at night, men, women, and children shriek.  In the mix of speculating genetics, a Jekyl & Hyde transformation terrifies Cambridge, stretching to London.  On Cambridge campus, Clemmy Fogwaut’s jaw drops.  Her eyes pop.  “It’s the Pigman!  Run!”  Professor Edward Blackstone Gumpkin manipulates and conspires over genetic patents, land rights, a billion-dollar estate, Shell oil & gas foundation dollars.  Professors Earl Nye & Elizabeth Wadsworth supervise Cambridge developmental biology students.  Dr. Huxley nodded.  “Gene banks, gene insertion, cell differentiation, the tool kits & sequencing are in place.  Yet mutagenesis & disorders happen.”  

  • "Ports of Call” (data gathered; outline completed.  (3/30/2019).  Begin.  56 of 450 pages finished: novel (in no hurry. Ghost writer could finish.  Along with other data I have, outline, remaining characters, a ghost writer could run with it and deliver book to movie James Bond-idea, 2nd book in sleuthing series with James.  “Ports of Call” very exciting, worldwide realistic issues, I’ll work on it as I want.  In no hurry. Thank you for viewing my total portfolio.  On "sabbatical" as I am, could take a year to finish). "Ports of Call" (James Horatio Bond Nye: Naval Diamonds Case)—3 years after graduating from prestigious Cambridge University, England, James has transitioned to super-spy.  Specializing in genetics, bio-engineering, organismal symbiosis, bio-terrorism, James receives an assignment from headquarters: thwart & dissolve A.R. Diamonds Industries (Mr. Aspidov Ruslan Diamonds; who owns several premier golf resorts, golf his passion) mission to capture world seafood/fish markets via gene manipulation & bio-terrorism.  A young adult to adult fiction book, involving Aspidov Diamonds, gold, precious gem, and oil properties, James finds drama, romance, polo, soccer, golf, travels to a dozen world ports to disable A.R. Diamonds’ Holdings, world takeover of certain markets.

  • Novel.  Ice Age Mystery Series 3rd novel.  7/15/19, rough outline done.  Start.  176 pp of 400 pp novel done.  Hollywood script writer could finish for last of 3 movies.  I'm in no hurry.  Will begin.  11/27/19 (on hold) Origins: Australopithecus & Planet of the Apes.  (3rd novel: Ice Age Mystery’s series). An exciting book series to be three blockbuster movies.  12,000-year-old Ice Age history.  Old bones.  Old stones.  From Albemarle Sound to SC/Topper site to Mt. Denali to national parks across the country to fossiliferous La Brea at Los Angeles then to Siberia.  To Novosibirsk, Altay Mtns., Pazryk burials and the Siberian Cradle of Bewitching Bones.  The journey goes on.  Stanley digs.  Black market antiquities dealers Dutch Pawn, Smilodon Perry and team follow.  Clone chicks.  Clone ducks.  Clone cows.  Clone sheep—Dolly.  Clone ancient man.  Archaeology and paleontology combine with evolutionary biology.  Stanley’s parents, Dr. Bering Yovok and Sasha Escheyenne Husky uncover and help invent mystery.  Apes—African apes to man, our line.  Origins unveils human history.  The third novel of Ice Age Mystery series extends Bering Husky’s search for Books of Stone.  Bones and recombinant DNA rebuild ancient hominid man.  Eleven-year-old Stanley reunites with high school sport and science friends.  Bering and Sasha team with evolutionary geneticist Dr. Lorne Ptolkey.  At Duke University, Ptolkey modifies the DNA helix.  The CGP (chimpanzee genome project).  The MLGP (missing link genome project).  With respect to genomes, Moore’s Law expedites biology.  A reconstructed genome yields a generalized DNA set for out of Africa Lucy.  The Australopithecus genome project shocks science.  Inserted to a human egg, 3 MYA Lucy comes alive.  Splicing DNA nucleotides, Lucy acquires speech.  She has a developed brain.  Eggs to embryos to multiple fetus, Sasha, Bering, and Dr. Lorne Ptolkey create a colony of cousins for Lucy.  Lucy and her hominid brood break free from Duke lab.  Genetics breeds the unexpected.  Hominids storm Duke Forest and Duke Golf Club before they’re finally rounded up.  Bering, Sasha, Dr. Ptolkey agree the colony should be placed where hominid life began: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania conservation park.  Can any park tame bright new creations?  Origins: Australopithecus & Planet of the Apes.  Will use 80 pages of Stanley & Blizzards: Vanishing Ice as the opening 80 pages to a 400-page novel.  Will take many months to finish.

  • 11/27/2019: Toying with thoughts of 3 new books while “Origins: Australopithecus & Planet of the Apes” on hold.  New works…

  • “Trembling: Trapped at Linville Hollow.”  Playing golf, Creepy, Sleepy, Fairy, & Weepy Screepy become lost in deep woods & terrorized by Gruderdahn the Sense Master.  (Novella)

  • “We Don’t Want No Sissies, Hear?”  High school football.  Watching football, a middle school boy is teased.  Dudrow Dunn heard words all too often.  “Go home you sissy.”   Dudrow likes butterflies, likes to make ice cream, skips rope, and paints with watercolors.  Yet, with a colossal growth spurt, Remy Arms declares, “Dudrow, you’ve grown whopping-big.  Find your niche in football, Dudrow.  Mop up; I’ll help you make ice cream, skip rope, paint with watercolors, and we’ll catch butterflies.”  (easy reader to be illustrated)

  • “Mengele’s Vector.”  3rd novel in a secret agent series: James Horatio Bond Nye (superspy).  MI6, British Intelligence, requests James investigate & boggle Dr. Derych Mengele's viral vectors, game changer(s) for climate change to disable the world.  Introduction & rough outline complete for book to movie: James thwarts Dr. Derych Deiter (army of the people) Mengele’s looming, menacing world plans.  Viral vector H1N1 psr13v is licensed to kill.  12/20, first 55 pages complete of planned 50 (of 400 pp) where a screenwriter could pick up for movie or ghost writer could finish novel.  Done for now--fine screenwriters can take the new spy trilogy to the movies. 

  •  James Horatio Bond Nye, superspy. (James has golf experience; golf, clubhouse, basketball, rugby, soccer, boxing, sumo-wresting, horse racing included in all "Bond-type" action.)


  •  I include 4 books to 4 movies superspy series. (2018-2020)


  •  Ready for talented screen writer (settings, characters, plots, time period, style included)

  • “Lochbauch Riddle” done, 450 pp, complete book

  • “Ports of Call”, first 50 pp done (to be 400 pp) (outline for book done for ghost writer)

  • “Mengele's Vector”, first 50 pp done (to be 400 pp) (outline for book done for ghost writer)

  • “Epsilon Eridani” (only introduction done with thoughts for book, currently)

  • “Hickory Stick.”  1/28/2020 (A mystery: setting, Hickory, NC; 1950, a quiet town is involved in Alfred Hitchcock mystery: the values of family, the hickory tree, earnest living, small town baseball, golf.  Hickory furniture, baseball bats, desire, eerie greed, death, suspects, and hickory golf clubs in an odd twist of fate.  “Measure up.  Your fate becomes reality the more you practice,” daddy said.  (Novel: to be 400 pp; only rough outline done)

  • “Star Keys” (waiting to complete the last 350 pages of 450 for the 7th book in this blockbuster science fiction series; waiting for someone to “pick it up” before I finish it.  Prequels and more, possible.        

·         “Star Keys” series with orchestral music (An Avatar/Star Trek/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/X-Men/Dr. Strange-like, Marvel-like 7 book-novel series potential 9 or 10 book series capable of “jelling” nicely with “Jedi Knights” and prequel/sequel possibilities; or standing on their own). Elements of Sarah Brightman’s Symphony and Classics & Andrea Bocelli-like and 3 of my original songs & tunes


Classical Crossover


Book 1:  “Flox Mana” (complete)

                Canto Della Terra (Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman)

                 Storia di Amore (Sarah Brightman)

                A Moment of Peace (Sarah Brightman/Gregorian/Andrea Bocelli)

                 The Prayer (Heather Hadley/Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

                (other songs, originals)

Book 2:  “The Battle Begins” (complete)

                Gregorian (Dark Side of Tour 2011)

                Moulin Rouge: Memory (Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

                Deliver Me (Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli)

Book 3:  “9 Keys & 9 Knights” (complete)

                 Adagio (Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli)

                 Enigma & Sarah Brightman Eden

                Sogno (Andrea Bocelli)

                 Because We Believe (Andrea Bocelli)

                The Prayer (Heather Hadley/Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

Book 4:  “Word and The Way” (complete)

                 Gothica (Sarah Brightman instrumentation, universe awakening)

                 Moondrifter (original)

                 A Moment of Peace (Sarah Brightman/Gregorian/Andrea Bocelli)

                 Gregorian (Live in Prague)

                 Only Star-Ships Know the Skies (original)

                 Ave Maria (Sarah Brightman)

                 Dare to Live (Laura Pausini/Andrea Bocelli)

                 One Winged Angel Theme Song and/or Fighting Theme Song of

                  Playstation Final Fantasy VII takeoff

                 IL Mare Calmo Della Sera

                 (Lord of the Rings: Requiem for a Dream takeoff)

                 Pie Jesu (instrumentation, Sarah Brightman vocals?, parts of)

Book 5:   “Starscape Mystery: Ghint’e Revenge” (complete)

                 Figlio Perduto (instrumentation, Sarah Brightman vocals? parts of)

                 Children of the Earth (original)

                 Because We Believe (Andrea Bocelli)

                 (Gladiator end theme takeoff)

                 Time To Say Goodbye (Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

Book 6:  “Mark of The Knights” (complete)

                 Final Fantasy


                 Running (Sarah Brightman)

Book 7:  “Beyond the Stars (Gates to Teteene Towers) ” (first 100 pages complete)

                Somewhere—Barbara Streisand-like orchestral music

Book 8:  “Star Children” (proposed)

Book 9:  “Behold the Cosmos” (proposed)

Book 10: prequel to the series

Easy Readers (Golpher & Jinx series to be illustrated, each 32 to 50 pages) (Animate to TV cartoons; or seasonal specials) (lots of humor and good lessons; for children, teens, and parents & grandparents who might laugh & read to their children)

(Golpher: pronounced Goalfur)

• Golpher Guns for Birdies
• Golpher: Mystery at the Pond
• Jinx & Golpher: Cat’s Play
• Club Cat: Jinx Me
• Golpher Carries a Mean Bag
• Golpher Drives Carts
• Golpher Reads Greens
• Golpher Hunts Big Game
• Golpher Makes China Talk
• Jurassic Ark: Golpher Schools Leaders

  • Golpher & Arctic Gold

  • Sand Play: Castle Spooks

  • Figgy Daugshund: A Spooky Christmas

  • Lessons from a Pro

  • Castlemania: Ghosts Gamble with Golpher

  • Golpher & Jinx Love Clubs

  • The  Art of the Deal (Golpher talks to the Alligator & the Duck) (completed: 2/1/2019) 33 pp)

  • Figuro Ozmit (Elf Blessme): 4/29/2019, page 39 of 39 pp done.  Completed.  A children’s easy reader to be illustrated for kids, children, grandparents.  Figuro lives at the edge of the golf course of Enchanted Mountains.  Elf magic; elf blessings.  Fun then spooky as children Annie Potts & Nathan Bowers become lost in woods then stricken by a “Who-bit-me” spider.  Figuro shrinks the children and takes them to his village.  Elf Figuro helps players who have ailments as sunburn, poison ivy, helps frogs with broken legs, children and players with bee stings, bunnies with sniffles.  Figuro reminds everyone of Independence Day & the value of plants for good health.  Figuro rallies his village elves against fretful “who-bit-me,” spiders which invade, Annie & Nathan help, and later return, full size, to their parents and play when the blow-up “Who-bit-me’s” are defeated.  (Fantastic Mystery’s of the Clubhouse Crew).

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy (begun 5/2/19, "Fuzzy, you'll have to read books, study forces, do math to find out how the world works.  Physics matters," said Herbert Wuzzy, Fuzzy's father.  Exploring Australia, along the golf course, surfing, lost in a storm, caught in a wild current, with young friends Lo-me and Kaku, survivors, a young Australian koala studies physics, kangaroos, the duckbill platypus, echidna, the Tasmanian devil, wombats, quirky animals of Australia as well as forces and formulas, stops to toss a football, see animals at soccer, baseball, while trying to get back home: spent two weeks thinking, then outlining, then begun 5/14/2019; and 39 of 39 pp, finished 5/24).  ("To be clear, Fuzzy, in golf, in sports, everywhere, physics matters.")  (A children's book illustrator will help pages jump to children's eyes). 

  • Twelve Dwarfs & the College Football Craze (6/3/2019; thoughts & data gathered.  Begun rough draft.  37 pp of 37 done.  Begin recopy to final draft, 6/11.  Finished, 6/12.  Fun & educational.  “Go west young man.”  Mascots, bragging rights, 1890’s, Pacific northwest history, beginnings of U.S. college football, first telephones, start of golf in the west (Tacoma Golf & Country Club, Washington; Waverly Golf Club, Oregon).  Blueberries; apples.  Dwarfs bake muffins & pies for kick-off interest, game-day rivals (Ducks & Huskies focus includes to be illustrations of Michigan Wolverine/Wisconsin Badger; Yale/Harvard; Auburn Tiger/Alabama Tide; Georgia Bulldog/Florida Gator; California Bear; Clemson Tiger/Carolina Gamecock; Oklahoma Sooner/Texas Longhorn; Miami Hurricane/Florida State Seminole; Penn State Lion; Notre Dame Fighting Irish,more college game-day foes).  Easy reader to be illustrated.

  •      “Wyxolana Haunts Maug.”  Start 9/28/2019.  44 of 44 pp; finished final draft; 10/19.  The third Halloween story of the Clubhouse Crew books, the fifth spook-filled book to Mystery’s LLC’s fun, educational collection, Wyxolana Haunts Maug follows Sand Play: Castle Spooks, where Avogadro Maug (a mole) evades witchy Wyxolana and her Irish spooks.  Maug escapes Dreary castles, Dublin, with Lucinda.  “Witches and warlocks are scary.  I’ve Dublin’s jewel and the luck of the Irish, the Irish emerald.  Moleacula is no longer safe.  I want to follow my great granddaddy’s footsteps.  Dig in dirt.  Create fairways.  Build par 3’s.  Great granddaddy helped Old Tom Morris.”  Golpher advises Maug to emigrate to America.  “Vermont is where you need to be Maug.  Vermont is the green state,” says Golpher.  “Old Tom Morris was a fantastic greens keeper, course developer, architect.  Board, a ship.  Head for Vermont.”  In Vermont, Maug cuts a business deal with Mr. Able Kranston as Maug’s granddaddy cut an earthworm, soft greens deal, (and flower-bed package for the ladies) with Old Tom Morris.  “Might Lucinda and I live in your barn?  Would you allow me to use your tools, your mowers, your power equipment Mr. Kranston?  Might I use your leaf blower, your rakes, your snips, your weed and grass trimmers?  Among your apple orchards, I’ll build par 3’s.  In exchange for your help Lucinda will bake you, cookies as well chocolates for kids.  Additionally, as we build membership, we’ll split greens fees, quarters.  A nominal greens fee, business is business, sir.  We’ll all have fun.”  However, witchy Halloween Wyxolana follows Maug.  Wanting the Irish emerald and control, she pops from a bottle.  Her Irish spooks give Maug fits.  October was game day.  Baseball playoffs and college football reigned.  Lessons learned watching playoff Yankees face the Astros, viewing Georgia Bulldogs square up against Penn State, Maug finds a solution to contain troublesome spooks.  “Strategy.  I need strategy,” Maug says.  He sits in Mr. Kranston’s living room as Mr. Kranston flips channels with his wife, Eta, at his side.  They sip a cool drink.  Baseball plays.  “Hit and run.  That’s sound strategy,” says Maug.  “Speed up golf play.  Keep carts on a clear path.  I like that.”  A commercial break, Mr. Kranston flips to college football.  “Fake left, go right, up the middle.  More good strategy.”  Maug feels smooth cold glass to his drink.  Seeing games, he blinks.  “Wait.  That bottle on the screen—at the scoreboard—beneath the game clock.  That’s it!”  Maug shakes.  “Time in a bottle.  Goonaticks.  Chip and Putt had worked with ancient sands of time, with Goonaticks.  I’ll be captain to mystical Nicks, the lunatics.  Greenskeepers need sand and aerated greens.  I’ll bottle Halloween Wyxolana for good.” Power of the Nicks  “Here are words to chant and say.  Use for power and use I pray.  For any good deed and when you’re in need.  From good people whom, yes, I do heed.  To say it once, they will obey.  To say it twice, they’ll surely pay.  To say it thrice, a hefty price.  Ox bow and arrow and root of the sparrow.  Mind ye yer manners and bone of the marrow.  Be mine today o’ ye’ Nicks with your kicks.  Power to me be ye’ thy Goonaticks.”


More Easy Readers (to be illustrated, each 32 to 50 pages)

·         Steer the Course Matey

·         Aliens Take Aim

·         Rope & Ride the Range

·         Freaky Wilbur Water Boy Wizard

·         Goof the Grass Gnome

·         Ghouls Play Golf or French Fries Stir the Soul

·         A Caddy’s Quiet Walk

·         The Missing Cheese

·         Zweebs: Putz Finds the Green

·         Zones: Crusty Crabs Claws

·         Noodle KaNuckle

·         Chocolate Causes Cold Chills

·         Tee it Up!

·         A Clubhouse Crew Christmas

  • Chip & Putt (in) Help Save the Planet.

  • Mepper Bean & the Dinosaur Plant.  38 of 38 pages done: 6/21/18 (an easy reader for 10-year-olds & younger & grandparents who want to help inspire their grandchildren).  Mepper Bean (an old gardener) & neighbor, “Bug,” (9-year-old Boston Red Sox bat girl) solicit help from Dr. George Church (Harvard Medical School, leading genetics scientist, working DNA genomics & Pleistocene Park possibilities).  “Bug, as I study my yard and my garden, I see pollution.  It’s a problem.”  “Yes, sir,” said Bug.  She nodded.  “So much pollution,” Mepper rattled on, “I see squirrels, birds, gophers with plastic bags in my front yard, plastic straws in my garden, plastic everywhere.”  “I understand Mr. Bean.”  They looked to Mepper’s garden where a mole was tugging at a straw.  “I was at Boston Beach last week, swimming.  The pollution was nasty,” Bug said.  Mepper Bean tapped his chin.  “Jurassic Park.  I’ve an idea, Bug.  Plantasaurus,” whispered Mepper.  He smiled.  “A dino-plant that could grow & eat pollution?  Today, we have microbes eating oil slicks, slime, & yucky stuff.  Might, we make and grow a dinosaur that could eat big-pollution?  Dr. George Church is my cousin, Bug.  He could help.”  Bug nodded.  Later, at Harvard Medical school, meeting Dr. Church, Bug asked, “I didn’t know you could make a dinosaur from a plant?”  Dr.  Church smiled to Mepper & Bug.  “We might can, now, little Bug.”  Dr. Church winked.  “I’ll guide you as you grow your garden.”  Silly and fun with realistic talk of gene development, science, ideas for young boys & girls to dream of, think about, Mepper Bean & Bug, after experimentation & development, during the 7th inning stretch, later release giant “Plantasaurus” (named Fetch) from Boston’s Fenway Park as Boston Sox sluggers & invited big-hitters Dustin, Justin, Tiger, Rory, Lexi, and Brooke entice Fetch to zoom over the Green Monster, to the Charles River, then to Boston Harbor & the Atlantic where garden-grown dino-plant, Fetch, (Plantasaurus) might begin life gobbling up ocean pollution.

Book of Original Songs

Book of  Original Poems

*  Novels (many) have short segments of football, golf, soccer, tennis, baseball, track, basketball, games, auto-racing as part of the text, as part of the adventure/mystery/excitement.

* Novels (many) have ten to twenty new and or original songs included in the text as part of the adventure/mystery/excitement.

*San Francisco Gold, for example, created to also be a theatre play, has 18 songs, mostly, fun, western, familiar top tunes, imbedded in the text.

*The Screepy's, for example, contains nearly 20, mostly fun, familiar number one or top tunes, imbedded in the text, 920 pages, could be divided into three novels made to go to 3 movies/film

*Mystery & Pirating Perils, for example, has a number of original and familiar pirate-like songs, the text created for movie/film appeal.

*Dangerdudes, for example, contains nearly 15 familiar and original Old West, cowboy, top song-tunes, imbedded in the text created for movie/film appeal.

*Other novels designed, similarly, for plays, film-cinema, or books on tape.

* For business and corporate marketing: the auto & truck industry, the entertainment industry, food & beverage industry, building & home construction industry, the golf & sports industry, communications industry, banking industry, Mystery books (clubhouse books) are loaded/rich with products, services, messages (blended seamlessly to entertaining text) with regards to these industries, the stories, text, designed to please customers, public, 

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