Page 4 Golpher & Jinx Books Key

Easy Reader (Golpher & Jinx series to be illustrated, each 32 to 50 pages) (Animate to TV cartoons; or seasonal specials)

• Golpher Guns for Birdies
• Golpher: Mystery at the Pond
• Jinx & Golpher: Cat’s Play
• Club Cat: Jinx Me
• Golpher Carries a Mean Bag
• Golpher Drives Carts
• Golpher Reads Greens
• Golpher Hunts Big Game
• Golpher Makes China Talk
• Jurassic Ark: Golpher Schools Leaders

·         Golpher Reads Greens

·         Golpher & Arctic Gold

·         Sand Play: Castle Spooks

·         Figgy Daugshund: A Spooky Christmas

·         Lessons from a Pro

·         Castlemania: Ghosts Gamble with Golpher

·         Golpher & Jinx Love Clubs

·         Golpher & Jinx in "Save the Planet";
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