"Golpher Makes China Talk"

Still in Lhasa we visited a fortune teller.

“Ah, so. Golpher, you could be famous. But be humble. Let Linky take care you.”

“Yes, sir. Okay. I like my soft bed, my blanket, my Christmas lights Linky helps with. I like the club. All’s well.”

“Meow. Yes, it’s, home.”

“Very good,” China man said.

The old man with the long, white beard and a little red cap wore a long, red, silky robe covered with images of golden pheasants. But, he cracked a fortune cookie. “Ah,” he gasped.

We blinked and took a breath.

“Fortune cookie say: Finish journey. Journey of a thousand suns empower.” He paused. Looking up he took a deep breath while gazing to my eyes. “Build relations Golpher. China with you.”

Certified by a master, I felt good.

(Image of Golpher with fortune cookie man)

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