"Environmental, science, planet-related texts"

(20) Environmental, science-related texts, planetary concerns (also with dynamic characters, attention grabbing story-lines/plots, levels of love, golf and sports, drama, humor, spectacular settings, thought-provoking, highly-entertaining):

Five-star; to film potential, too

· “Star Keys” (blockbuster, 7 novels, series)

· “Ice Age Mystery (3 novels, series)

· “Mayan Mystery” (novel)

Five-star; cartoon, TV animation potential

“Golpher: Mystery at the Pond”

“Golpher Reads Greens”

“Jurassic Ark: Golpher Schools Leaders”

“Golpher & Arctic Gold”

“Rubber Band Man”

“Treasure in the Trees”

“Land of Mystical Scents”

“Goof the Grass Gnome”

"Golpher & Jinx in Help Save the Planet" (Weather Channel Wonders with junior meteorologist girl, Arty)

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